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May 2, 2014 9:00am PDT
and that's certainly what russia has demonstrated that it's trying to do the leaders in ukraine in the west are trying to avoid a repeat of what happened in crimea for the fall of pro moscow president viktor yanukovich voters there held a referendum in march and decided to join russia the president but the real mechanics the republican ticket. he's accused of sending in arms and agents to fuel the address so he could eventually send in troops under the pretense of protecting ethnic russians many members of his administration have that night that i can in the can he said a statement that ukraine must withdraw all military units from the southeast stop the violence and immediately started a national dialogue that would involve all regions and all political forces. ukrainian soldiers have been manning checkpoints on the outskirts of the occupied area. but in the capital they held an exercise to test the response to a thread on a government building was thinking to go to the head of the state guard said they performed a task well. farther west police and volunteers set up checkpoints on roads l
May 1, 2014 9:00am PDT
just as the crimean stated some support independence some are pushing to join russia the cr h brought leaders of different nns togheto t figure out a diplomatic solution japanese primeisr shinzo of a myth in berlin with german chancellor uncle a merkel. president bush said the state tv when you reach an agreement to urge russia to play in response to rule in the international community the us and european union have been trying to pressure put on by broadening sanctions against senior russian officials and companies. european borders cannot will not be changed through political and intimidation or military force. we have to be resolute in imposing costs. russian leaders have denied their behind the turmoil in to criticize the sanctions they say they won't retaliate songs yet it was solution to the swiss foreign minister sergei lavrov says they want o give others the opportunity to calm down he seemed far from home on the ground in eastern ukraine as the separatists expand their reach. government troops stay well away manng checkpoints on the outskirts of the occupied region to make ma
Apr 30, 2014 8:30pm PDT
on urging russia to play a responsible role in the international community all like to expect the odd coupling and it might really have closely watched in ukraine. we expect the president a lexington to go smoothly on a twenty five it's a good thing she threw up in place emergency support of more than four hundred fifteen thousand dollars to the council of europe. he also offered about six hundred nine thousand dollars to international monitors in ukraine where do with the organization for security and cooperation in europe tokyo police i investigating the connection between gun as ambassador to japan as alleged involvement in an illegal casino. the business operated out of the property of the beast in his name the ambassador denies any involvement in the operation he returned to damion march after police made the casino after coming back to tokyo last week he voluntarily attended a police interview about his connection with the property. police say they plan to interview him for that based on information they have the bbc is part of the proceeds of the gambling any employees of the c
Apr 30, 2014 5:00am PDT
expand their reach as russia's president again denies he's behind the unrest, and criticizes western sanctions. >>> and japanese leaders are doing what they can to make japan an easier place to do business. north korean officials have issued a statement on their threat to conduct another nuclear test. they first warned of the test last month after the u.n. security council condemned their ballistic missile launch. >> translator: there's no statute of limitations on our declaration to not rule out a new form of nuclear test. such a test is our right to self-defense that no one can prevent. >> analysts at a u.s. research group have reported more activity at a nuclear test site in the north. and south korean government officials believe north korea has completed preparations for a possible nuclear test. north korean watchers say the statement could mean pyongyang will not carry out a test any time soon. but they also say it might be trying to confuse other countries. the korea institute for defense tells us what north korea's recent actions could mean. >> north korea's provocations are
Apr 29, 2014 8:30pm PDT
recalls that. eu representatives say the move was in response to russia's failure to take concrete action to reduce tensions in ukraine. also on the list is danny's push allin of pro russian leader in ukraine's eastern region of donetsk it's believed he has contacts with the group occupying local government offices that the new. and the united states also agreed to step up sanctions against russia the u s sanctions target before sixteen twenty eight was the president of russia's state run petroleum company and energy related crimes. eu sanctions target separate its eu is reluctant to launch full scale economic sanctions because of its close economic ties with russia. people across iraq are voting in their first nationwide elections since us troops pulled out of the country by mr newby al maliki says he's restore the economy and he's asking iraqis to give them a third term. voters will choose three hundred twenty eight members of parliament based on the system of proportional representation. they've seen a boom in oil production over the last several years fueled economic wealth. but they'
Apr 29, 2014 9:00am PDT
western interim government. the us department of defence says it has received assurances that russia will not invade and ukraine the statement says russian defense minister sergei showing the baby promise to his us counterpart truck a golden phone call russian troops have recently carried out major exercises to ukraine's border. choi to explain to go with your presence is due to concerns about possible violence in eastern ukraine. he said ukrainian authorities could use force to harm civilians readers of the us and the european union are urging present but the report him to hold what they called russian intervention in ukraine the white house spokesperson j carty said russia has not only failed to meet its commitments but as escalating the crisis. russian diplomats had agreed in geneva this month to help de escalate tensions in eastern ukraine carney also the administration will apply sanctions to seven more russian officials. seoul the seventeenth of april institutions and energy firms leaders in europe added fifteen names to their sanctions list those targeted will face travel bans
Apr 29, 2014 5:00am PDT
that russia will not invade ukraine. a statement says russian defense minister sergei shoigu made the promises to his u.s. counterpart chuck hagel in a phone call. russian troops have recently carried out major exercises near ukraine's border. shoigu explained that the military presence is due to concerns about possible violence in eastern ukraine. he said ukrainian authorities could use force against unarmed civilians. leaders in the u.s. and the european union are urging president vladimir putin to halt what they call russian intervention in ukraine. white house spokesperson jay carney said russia has not failed to meet its commitments, but has escalated the crisis. russian diplomats had agreed in geneva this month to help de-escalate the tensions in eastern ukraine. carney also said the administration will apply sanctions to seven more russian officials, as well as 17 financial institutions and energy firms. leaders in europe added 15 names to their sanctions list. those targeted will face travel bans, and asset freezes. russian officials are criticizing the u.s. administration's decision.
Apr 28, 2014 8:30pm PDT
and russia. i was in use from tokyo negotiators from israel and palestine feed themselves nine months to agree on terms for a palestinian state to exist alongside israel the beast as deadline on tuesday with nothing to show for it the parties present a piece called slash in line for the first time in about three years. he was just a john kerry mediating the talks men into trouble last month when israel refused on our promise to release palestinian prisoners then palestinian president mahmoud abbas said he was prepared to form a government with the islamist militant group hamas. it's real because the group as a organization. it suspended peace talks last week. terry had proposed the frame went to extended talks beyond the nine month high. he's yet to say whether still trying to revive the peace process meters in the united states and the european union on trying to increase the pressure on russian president vladimir putin they wanted to halt what they call his intervention in ukraine. they've added a string of names to the sanctions list including members of putin's inner circle white
Apr 28, 2014 5:00am PDT
in the west, blame russia for fuelling this turmoil with agents and weapons. >> we urge russia to leave us alone. >> reporter: they accuse president vladimir putin of failing to live up to the agreement by helping disarm the separatists, and end the occupations. they say he's plotting to grab more territory as he did when he annexed the ukrainian republic of crimea. >> so long as russia continues down the path of provocation, rather than trying to resolve this issue, deesalating there are going to be consequences. >> reporter: those consequences amount to sanctions on russian officials such as travel bans and asset freezes. the net may widen as early as monday. >> the more names we add to that list, the more they do back in the russian economy. but we are also working on more far-reaching measures of economic, trade, and financial sanctions. >> reporter: officials in moscow have denied they're behind the unrest. they've told ukraine to pull back its troops from the east. russian media report more than 10,000 soldiers are preparing to move in on separatists in the city of slavyansk. across
Apr 26, 2014 8:30pm PDT
with ukraine and tensions remained high russia's foreign ministry issued a statement saying going to do what is required to resolve a hostage situation. the last president barack obama has issued a stern warning to north korea he says the country should not conduct another new contest and it continues to assume it's the recriminations it'll lead to great anticipation the comment unless the senate contains inside he called us out. democracy describing him as long as the pariah states. among the south north had chosen a constant competent provocation and consuming the bulls' most dangerous weapons. the commitment to the united states of america is made to the security of the republic of korea only grow stronger in the face of aggression. our alliance does not waver the president warned that the united states will not hesitate to use its ministry to defend itself to me at fan fan. the marines now remains him the federal court this intend to live up to south korea and japan he'll meet with prime minister najib is our current sunday to discuss the trans pacific partnership ppp presents and other
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10